Should We Take To Guns....?

For decades now the Igbo nation have presented their most simple need - to get their fair share in both leadership and distribution of resources of this country but the Nigerian reality simply shows that this need of ours is simply a wishful fantasy which would never materialize. I hope this government fully appreciate the implication of my fellow Igbo men taking to guns? I hope they remember that we are extremely peaceful and peace loving but equally the most determined sect in Nigeria towards actualizing their visions. The last time Igbo's picked arms, hell broke loose and history was made. These men are determined, they're not dispossessing any body of his property nor causing any mayhem uncalled for, they're shooting straight for their integrity and protection. 

The military came at the Igbo nation last time in Umuahia and slaughtered scores of young defenseless souls, our streets were littered with bodies of helpless young boys who had a firm resolve for a better society where justice would prevail, yet after this slaughter Igbo's neither pulled any resistance nor fight-back but rather simply watched and watched the whole world watch also.

FastTrack to now:

It is now clear that the slow striking of a lion doesn't depict cowardice, rather, a calculated accuracy. The situation at Orlu, Imo State seems to be a "mini-war". This time, the docile lamb has surprised the fierce lion and the hunted seems to be the hunter now.

This happens to be a dispensation of a new dawn and the Mazi Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB seems to have a better approach now. I hope the Nigerian Government know that my people have held on for too long. I hope they know that taking to guns is the last resort of my people who have both watched and also watched the whole world watch the incessant murdering of our young bloods. I hope nobody blames a man who has exhausted all his valid peaceful options.

Dominic C.C


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