The Kingdom of Israel after the Division

The Kingdom of Israel after the Division

  • After the division, Israel was divided into two, the southern part of Israel became known as Judah and while the northern part retained the name Israel. Judah which consisted of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin and was ruled by Solomon's son, Rehoboam; while the remaining tribes of Israel were rules by the rebellious Jeroboam who was from the tribe of Ephraim.

  • After Jeroboam, his son Nadad took over, Nadad was killed the next years by Baasa.

  • Baasa took over, after his death.

  • Ela his son took over, he was killed by one of his army commanders, Zimri

  • Zimri took over. He committed suicide after seven day on the throne.

  • After Zimri, there was a civil war, half of the people supported Tibni who was a relative of Zimri while the rest supported Omri, who later became king. It was under his reign that Samaria became the capital of Israel.

    There are some extra biblical evidences that backed up the existence of Omri. The Mesha Stele in Paris that was discovered in Moab, where it was written the Omri captured some Moabite Kingdoms another is the Black Obelisk in the British Museum in London, where the phase “house of Omri” was inscribed, meaning that other nations at that time knew that there was a dynasty ruled by Omri.

  • After Omri, Ahab took over with his wife Jezebel, it was also in this time that prophet Elijah existed. His extra biblical prove of his existence could be found in the Assyrian monument called monolito di Kurkh. There an Assyrian King claims he killed 2000 Chariots and 10,000 Israelite soldiers.

  • After Ahab, his two sons Ahaziah and Jehoram ruled the both kingdoms, while Ahaziah ruled Judah, Jehoram ruled Israel. The were both kill by Hezael di Damasco

  • After Jehoram, Jehu took over. His existence could be proved by extra biblically in the monolito di Kurkh referring to him as son of Omri, there is also an image of him bowing down to Salmanassar 111.

  • Jehoahaz became king after Jehu

  • Jehoash became king after Jehoahaz

  • Jeroboam the second took over after Jehoash

  • Zachariah took over after Jeroboam, and was killed in his first year.

  • Shallum took over after Zachariah, and was killed after one month.

  • Menaham took over after Shallum, paid tribute to the Assyrian King

  • Pekahiah took over after Menaham, he was killed by his army commander Pekah

  • Pekah took over after Pekahiah

  • Hoshea took over after Pekah and was the last king of Israel because he made a deal with Egypt in order to avoid paying tribute to the Assyrian king and this lead to the conquer of Israel and the exile began.

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