Who Told You, You Are Black....?

I hardly post trending things on any of the social media platforms especially Facebook. Reasons to this is what I am yet to figure out. But, when im asked by friends I simply respond with “I am not programmed like that”.

During the #black_life_matter outreach, a lot of my friends were surprised as to why I didn’t post anything regarding to that especially since I just arrived a European country and know first hand what it meant to experience Racism. The thing is, AFRICANS ARE NOT BLACK, do not have A BLACK LIFE and we should DESIST from calling ourselves that. I for one when asked the colour of my skin prefer saying Chocolate or Ebony which is the definition of a dark skin tone. Notice it said a dark skin tone and not a Black skin tone. Tell me one good thing that is related to the word “Black”

The word “Black” is derived from the archaic Latin word “Nigreos” Italians on the other hand, refer to black as “Nero” both words directly translates to “the absence of colour”. Black is the absence of light. Color does not exist without light. So black is the absence of color. White is a balance of color in light. The colors impinge and overlay upon each other in such perfection that a wonderful composite emerges. We call the composite: white. When you see white, you see all the colors in balance. Mixing paint or pigments can lead you to the wrong conclusion, that black is the presence of all colors. That's incorrect.

Who called us black? Shouldn’t we have rejected that from the beginning? A contradiction, a bundle of contradiction. We refused negro and nigga… But that’s what black is. We decided to take the English version because it sounded less derogatory. Negro means black. Do you know what black means… Have you ever seen black? Black means the absence of colour, absence of good, absence of light and absence of direction. These are the meaning of black. Black is not a colour but the absence of colour.

It’s about time Africans say to themselves we are not black. STOP ALL THIS BLACK LIVES MATTER! Let no one call you black because you are not black… The definition of black is not good and they are using it to destroy you. When you keep calling yourself black you mean light is absent, colour is absent and you will never come to a place of light… You will be under… I don’t mean to sermonize but “When God gives you a Prophetic instruction, it is important that you follow into the latter.”

If you want to know weather you are black or not, go ahead, get a black piece of clothing. Put it against your skin and see if there is any way that they (the clothing and your skin) corresponds.

Dominic C.C (ISMN)


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