Will Heavens Fall...?

Do you find that picture confusing? Surprising? Impossible or worth having? Certainly We’ve all heard stories of groups of people who come together in prayer and receive amazing results.  One church grew by leaps and bounds after some of its members began gathering before the morning service to pray for growth.  In another case, a man was healed of late-stage lung cancer following intensive prayer support from his son’s congregation.

Is there power in numbers? Does God hear us better when we join our voices together?

If, by “power” we mean the ability to produce whatever outcome we choose, then, no, clearly not.  For every cancer patient cured by prayer, there are many others who receive no cure even when hundreds of people are praying for them.  But the act of praying together brings us into God’s presence in a fuller dimension than when we pray alone.  There’s a reason why Jesus compared the kingdom of heaven to a banquet, rather than a table for two!  Life’s important experiences are meant to be shared.

Why is it that when astronomers predict the weather and it rains or doesn't rain, its attributed to Science and technology but when a Shaman (dibia) herbalist or traditional fated person does the same, it's attributed to the devil?

Praying together opens my heart to the needs of the people around me and reminds me that sometimes I can be the answer to someone’s prayer. I bet it does the same for you.

Although I know God is always with me and for me, and I often pray alone and enjoy the benefits of my solitary prayer time, I feel His presence most strongly when I'm praying with others. I believe lifting one another in prayer is one of the richest experiences we can share. Together, we are strengthened and blessed.

Is it then wrong for all Religion - Christian, Islam, Hindu,  Buddi, Traditional et cetera to come together, hold hands and pray for change?

Dominic C.C (ISMN)


  1. Nothing has created a chasm between us more than Religion has, what then would happen when a Priest, Imam, Dibia hold hands to pray for the betterment of the people? Would Heavens Fall?

  2. There is everything wrong with it! These are people who do not support each other's faith. These are people who believe God is more close to them, than their neighbor.

    If they can put away their fight for faith superiority, then they can achieve result. But how possible is that? With divided faith, I wonder how their prayers will move mountains.

    However, the believe of one Almighty, can make an impact, but how do we justify the Shaman's diabolism? Is he also qualified to move mountains?

    1. Thanks A lot Frag for your response...I hope we would have more comments where this would be made justice to because the problem with our country is that religiously we are divided.


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