Don't Give Up

When Jesus saw there Faith He said to the paralytic. Courage, child, your sins have been forgiven... Matthew 9: 1-8

The paralytic, as the name of the sickness emplies, could absolutely do nothing, it's possible that it wasn't even his idea to go to Jesus, but his friends were determined and there Faith was strong. Even when the crowd was against them the wouldn't mind, they never gave up, they knew what they wanted and the went for it, and because of their faith their friend was healed.

The scribes attributed Jesus's forgiveness of sin to blasphemy but Jesus rebooked them as he taught them that the Son of Man has the authority on Earth to forgive sins.
Jesus bestowed this authority also to his apostles. 

His is always ready to forgive your sins today and heal your land. 
Don't Give Up!


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