The Book of Genesis

Genesis Is divided into two:
1. God and Mankind(chapters 1 - 11).
2. God rapour with Abraham and his family.(chapters 12 - 50)

1. God and Mankind
a) Creation
God created the heavens, the earth and all living creatures. We've discussed all about this first division on this site before now, search the site for more details.

b) Curse
Man and his wife got deceived by the serpent and they disobed God and the consequence was a curse on all the 3 parties, Cain killed his brother Abel and the consequence was a curse. The whole nation began to sing against God the consequence was curse and destruction by water.

c) Salvation
With Noah and his family God made a convent of Salvation with the Rainbow as a sign as he promised not to destroy the world again in such manner.

d) Nation's Division
Because people of the world all spoke one language they decided to build a great tower in Babylon to make name for themselves, God saw that with the unity of one language they could do anything so he mixed their tongues.

2. God's Rapour with Abraham and his family
a) Abraham
At the time we meet Abram in the Bible he was already old but he was a just man. At his old age he begot Ishmael from his wife's slave and Isaac from his wife Sarah. God promised to bless him, his descendants and the world at large through him as he established the convanant of circumcision with him.

b) Isaac was raised with a golden spoon, he lived in the promise land all his live with his wife Rebecca he begot Esau and Jacob. He relocated alot with his family, he dug 4 wells namely: quarrel, enmity, freedom and vow.

c) Jaboc with the help of his mother Rebecca tricked Esau and received the blessings of the first son from his father. He worked for Laban for seven years so for the hand of Rachel but Laban gave him Leah so he had to work another 7 years for in other to  keep Rachel because he loved her. Deceiving his brother didn't do him much good at first, he struggled alot in the hands of Laban, who found it difficult to release him, but after wrestling with and angel; his name was changed to Israel, his story changed and he reconcile with his now rich brother Esau.

d) Leah was loved less by her husband so God gave her more sons, Rachel was only able to have Joseph when Jacob has become old.
Joseph went through alot; from his brothers hatred to getting sold, from portiphar house to prison. Untill God gave him a breakthrough through his dreams.

Joseph's brothers went to Egypt to buy grain but didn't recognise him. He kept Simeon in prison and sent the rest to fetch Benjamin.
When the grain ran out, Joseph's brothers went back to Egypt with Benjamin. Joseph invited them to his house and gave them a feast.
Joseph hid his cup in Benjamin's sack, then sent a steward after his brothers. Judah offered himself as a slave instead of Benjamin. Joseph told his brothers who he was. They were afraid, but he told them, "God sent me here." His brothers went to fetch their father.

So Israel set out with all his household. God told him not to be afraid. Israel and all his family came to Egypt and Joseph met him.
Pharaoh allowed Joseph's family to settle in Goshen. The famine continued and the Egyptians sold all they had to Pharaoh for food. Jacob became ill, so Joseph took his sons to see him. Jacob blessed Joseph's sons as his own, putting Ephraim ahead of Manasseh.
Jacob gathered his sons and blessed each of them. He charged them to bury him with Abraham in the cave in Canaan, and then he died. Pharaoh allowed Joseph to go and bury Jacob. Before Joseph died, he said that God would lead his people back to the promised land.


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