What Do You Respond With When You Receive...Sex?

 A lot of us  see sex as a tool meant for showing appreciation when we receive something we urgently need. But true giving comes from the same place inside you as your deepest happiness. The true art in giving is to give from the heart without any expectation of a return. Though the reverse is now the case as when we receive something the next thing that comes to mind will be "...so when are you coming to the house". How often have you heard that assertion?

You may be a bit sceptical, wondering what exactly do you have to give? Everybody has something of value for another person. It could be a kind word, a simple smile, some appreciation, the sharing of some special knowledge, even a helping hand or a bit of support during a difficult emotional time. A very special form of giving takes the form of small, personal acts of kindness. Very often it is not money or belongings that people need, it's the things that can't be seen, such as advice reassurance, a kind word, compliments or a smile not necessarily sex. 

One of life’s most basic laws is "every single act of love, kindness and generosity will multiply and return to you many times over ". The more you give the happier you will feel. Many thousands of years ago a great sage in Babylon said "The reward of charity depends entirely upon the extent of the kindness in it."

You don't prove you love someone by having sex "immediately" with the person...nah...far from it. A brother who addresses me as Leo defined love as "a supernatural Divine gift from God which forgives, trusts, protects and more or less controls the heart. It can be regarded as the operating system of the heart, it never gives up, endurance is a good name for it." What got my attention was the assertion "the operating system of the heart" then the question is, do you want your heart to be treated as if it were some child's toy? To be picked only to be discarded immediately when no longer needed?

Your life is like a river of energy, continually flowing. What happens when a river stops moving? It gets very muddy, and stagnant. A fast flowing river is full of life and clear water. Where would you rather drink? The acts of giving and receiving are a continuos process of circulation that continues the flow of your life’s energies. For one person to receive someone else has to give. It’s a cycle of energy that flows continually onwards.

Pause for as moment as you read this, and take a big, deep breath. Hold it for as long as you possibly can. As you hold it inside, notice how uncomfortable you begin to feel when you are holding on to something that is meant to be released. Now, breath out, completely and hold your breath with your lungs fully emptied. Feel how uncomfortable you feel when you are resisting taking in something that you need. True giving, without expectation of anything in return is as effortless as breathing.

How often do you expect back from the person you gave something to a gift of a similar or greater value? Is this true giving or merely an unvoiced expectation of an exchange of similar goods? Have you ever heard anyone saying " I just give and give and give until I have nothing left "? This behaviour has many other names. Self denial, self pity, martyrdom, self righteousness to name just a few.

If you experience resentment and a feeling of “I don’t really want to give this to this person, but I feel that I have to” or “I really should give them something,” this is probably what ultimately will come back to you. Perhaps in this case, you need to consider not giving the gift at all ! What you give out is what comes back in direct proportions to the feelings you have in the act of giving.

As long as you are giving, you will also be receiving. The more you give, the more will flow back to you and be returned many times over. Giving creates a pattern of happiness, joy and love in your life beyond your wildest expectations.

May your life be filled with love, happiness and inspiration

Dominic C.C (ISMN)


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