The act of Benevolence

Benevolence and Kindness
Benevolence is not just an act, it’s a spirit
It is the disposition to do good
Obviously, all fingers are not equal
So is the pocket of every individual.
Man is multitude in all
Yet millions financially stand fall
Begging their eyes out as the crawl
Yet, the rich shut their ears to their call
And still refuse to play their ball.
If life was something money could buy
The rich would live and the poor would die
Every time I wonder why
Why we would see another in need and walk by
Nothing pricks our heart not even a cry
We spend on booze, getting high
Lay with women, screaming my oh my
When some life could be saved with just a pie
When we give arms to the needy
We bless ourselves unknowingly
When we console the weary
And feel others empty tummy
And even clothe the naked body
We deposit in the bank of later glory.
Let’s all learn to show mercy
Not only with words, but with money
If we are blessed with plenty
Why be unnecessarily stingy
Let’s be kind to people and learn to give generously
Later that gesture will come in handy.
As a sage would say
The fragrance will always stay
On the hands that give the rose away
When we widely open our palms
Wealth flow in as it goes.
And we continue to grow in success
But when we tighten our fists
Nothing leaves and nothing enters
Hence, we fail to progress.
It is only ourselves that we deceive
When we give with interior motive
For it is only when we freely give
That we graciously receive


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