Another Racist Police Killing In Trump's America

A little above 2 months ago when this blog post Ask The Big Book was opened, it was meant to concentrate on the scriptures, reflections and several other things that concerns the bible. But I thought to myself  ‘it is only someone who understands himself that will definitely try to comprehend the scriptures, of course not literally to avoid misinterpretations

So far I have written a little above 4 articles on Racism. I was asked by both friends and family alike to ‘take it down’ some were of the notion ‘how can you be in Europe and yet write slanderous things about them’ truly I felt guilty but at the same time I believed it to be for the greater good. This has gone beyond the problem of Nigeria – where I come from. It has become the problem every world leader, the UN and every right thinking member of this mother earth to reason. 

If you still dont understand me, then I would make it much easy. Barely 2 days ago had I seen the video of George Floyd. He was the victim to be suspected in a non violent forgery incident. When he was accosted by the American police, he definitely obeyed them and alighted from his car. I sincerely do not know what followed but the eight minutes video I watched tell the story of a murder most vile. 

This is one racist murder too many that the world cannot afford to be silent on. A white officer who swore they uphold the law knelt on the neck of this black man till he died, even as the late George begged for his life. After he had been murdered he was tossed onto a stretcher and that was it. Another life wasted by a man who has no power to create life. 

With no doubt I am personally heart broken by this incident. Just watching this man plead for his life, beg that he was dying, at a point he even shouted ‘Mama’. He shouted ‘Please’ 7 times or more than I could count. This is heart breaking; this is Donald Trump’s America where white police officers have been licensed to kill black men like chicken. America has always witnessed the death of black men at the hands of the police but this has increased in Donald Trump’s America. The same RACIST DONALD TRUMP some Nigerian pastors have been praising as the defender of Christianity because he is urging the reopening of churches against the advice of all experts. Business has to continue as usual with some of these pastors and obviously he is playing to his evangelical base in making this nonsensical call. 

Come what may, this is one racist murder that won’t go away easily. The world might just have woken up. I might be convicted for this under the guise of hate speech but something must kill a man. I blame our leaders for not making Africa a safer place if not why leave ones comfort zone to the journey of the unknown.

Dominic C. C (ISMN)  


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