Why is Your Prayers not Answered

Man is still in doubt about how to form his prayers. He desires to do what is right and not to omit anything. Although he gives the matter the most sincere and Willing thought, he is still not really sure that he is not doing something wrong.

A child that really loves his parents will demonstrate this love by his ways, by his actions, and not with flattering words, which in many cases remain nothing but an expression of nesting self-complacency, unless it is even a selfish desire.

The so-called wheedlers are seldom of any value and only think of themselves, and of satisfying their own wishes. The words "Ask, and it shall be given unto you!" point very clearly to the ability of the spirit discerning properly what to ask for. You stand no differently before your God! Prove through the deed what you wish to say to Him. Our prayers can only be answered when we pray in the right way. Christ made this evident by teaching us the our father. Let's then make good use of this!

By Dominic (ISMN)


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