How Prisons Increase Crime

My post on Will Racism Ever Stop, brought lotsof controversial comments especially on facebook. I was asked to stop, take it down and stop writing that. How I laughed. Racism is just a tip of the many difficulties we face as a people. Did you know that the population of America is a little above 328.2 million. In this census Blacks in America make a total of 42% of the population and yet over 13% are in prisosn. How we treat a person during the darkest point of their life's is the benchmark of humanity.

Putting individuals convicted of crimes, especially violent crimes, in prison is thought to make the rest of us safer. But how much safety does all this imprisonment actually buy us? The answer is very little, especially in the long-term.

There are good reasons to think prisons might prevent crime. The experience of imprisonment could deter someone from committing crimes to avoid prison in the future. Prison might provide opportunities for rehabilitation, such as drug and alcohol treatment, education, or counseling. And, at the very least, someone who is in prison cannot commit a crime in the community, an effect criminologists call “incapacitation.”

Yet, there are also good reasons to believe that prisons might actually increase crime. The harsh prison environment could increase mental health problems, make people more prone to aggression, or make them cynical and distrustful of the legal system. Prisons could isolate prisoners from friends and family who might help them find jobs eventually. Or prisoners may learn from other prisoners how to be better criminals.

When a person is thorn from their home and put in a cage it's not just the prisoner that suffers; their entire family is institutionalized. The current Nigerian system disproportionately throws them off is a system that is unjust and which has profound constitutional implications...visit our Nigerian prisons today and you will understand what I am talking about. If you have never been held captive of any sort you wouldn't understand the intricacies behind this...I do not mean that they should be let free but courtsey, regard should be given them.

I once joined a priest to celebrate his birthday with some prisoners or what the current Nigeria government will call Rehabilitation center. I couldn't help but weep at the mere sight of these ones. I had a chat with one of them who has stayed there for a little above 19 years for a crime any of our politician children wouldn't spend 5 minutes behind the Police counter for. "Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the same body" Heb. 13:3


Dominic C.C (ISMN)


  1. Nice work Dom.I really agreed with your point that prison can make a criminal to be a better criminal.though I think that better is for something positive,but since you talk of negative,I think you should use worst criminal.There is a story of this guy who was always stealing from the parents but never had the mind of stealing from other people.One day the father got him to be arrested and after spending three months,he came out to be worst because the criminals he met there made him to hardened his heart that he became a highway thief.I think there are better to treat some people that commits crimes rather than always sending them to prison.They deserve a second chance.thanks once more Dominic.
    Onuoha Maryann (DPDD)

    1. Thanks Alot for your response and suggestion as well. we remain ever grateful for finding this instructing. Do stick to our blog and follow us as well so as to get first hand our Daily reflections amongst several others. grazie

  2. Well! Forgiveness is not a guarantee for a sin to go unpunished.
    Dom, u taught me that. I hope that our prison system is reformed and forth second chance, it is given to only one who deserves it .

    1. Thank You for remembering my teachings when it is convenient. I also join in your hope to make sure our prison system is properly rehabilitated. But what can a country that cares less of its roads, and other things bother itself on the rehabilitation of prisons. I weep


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