Have you heard of the Breathing Church

A skeptic will say there is no such thing as a breathing church, churches are mere hand made structures, they cannot breath. If you happen to be a skeptic reading this post, I promise you that before you leave here you would think otherwise.
The Breathing Church is you and me the church where we go to worship is just a structure but man is the Church in capital.

For further clarification, if you were ask what is a church? You would probably say a church is a place of worship. Right? Yes you're right and because you can worship God from wherever you are. That makes you a Breathing Church. You as a human being is also a place of worship. We are the mobile Church.

Jesus Christ said it in Cana and it was made manifest in Capernaum..
It doesn't really matter where the prayer was said. Yes! Today! our churches are on lock down but you as the Church can still pray! ...for this is rather not a time to freak out but a time to bring out the Church in YOU.


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