The Bread of Life and Manna

2 Essential Convergences and Divergences of the Bread of Life and Manna
I am the bread of life. Your father's did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die. (John 6:49-50)KJV
Lets make the above bible quotation our point of reference for this discussion.
It is not funny that some people today, still misplace the bread of life as being the manna from heaven, I've heard the opportunity to settle this particular argument in several intense cases, without further elaboration, let's dive into the discussion.

Areas of Convergence
1)Both were sent by God the Father to save his people in critical times.
2)Both came down from heaven, one fell directly from heaven, the other one came down from heaven and into Mary's womb and was made flesh.

Areas of Divergence
1)Manna was sent to only a certain people of God(the isrealites), when the were mostly in need of a miracle, while the bread of life was sent for the whole world.
Manna was sent to solve the problem of hunger while the bread of life was sent to solve the problem of sin and spiritual death.
2) Manna was made to be consumed immediately, but the bread of life came and is still with us today, so that we may eat of it and have ever lasting life as the above bible quotation remarks.

Hope I made justice to the topic?
Tell me your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section...

Vigil Uche


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