10 ways to understand the Mystery of the Holy Trinity


I was inspired to write this after Mass on Sunday, the 16th of June 2019 which was the feast of the Holy Trinity. It occurred to me that so many Christians today find it very difficult and extremely hard at times to defend the mystery of the Holy Trinity, most times when they are faced with faith threatening questions like: How is it possible for three persons to exist in one?
Is God the Father not greater than God the Son and God the Holy Spirit?
If there is God the Son There must be God the mother, and so many other likely questions about the Mystery of the Holy Trinity that are still today unclear and hard for some Christians to answer. Sometimes when asked such questions, the Christian believer might in retreat say something like “that is the way we saw it” such answer might discourage the unbeliever who wants to understand in other to believe.
If you have read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, this matter was also briefly discussed, remember when a white man gathered some villagers and was teaching them the gospel, when he started teaching them the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, Okonkwo was confused he stood up and asked a question, his question was “if there is God the Father and God the son, there must be God the mother?” because for all he know there cannot be a son without the interaction or conjunction of a father and a mother. When this question was not answered the way he wanted he left the gathering.
Now! How many people have walked out on you and your evangelism because you could not answer a simple question on the Mystery of the Holy Trinity? Worry no more because after reading these articles you’ll boldly answer anybody anywhere and anytime on matters concerning The Mystery of the Holy Trinity.
If you’ve tried showing them in the Holy Bible where Jesus told us to pray in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and it didn’t work and they’re still being doubtful, then try these ten ways below to Defend the Mystery of the Holy Trinity with everyday things by Vigil Uche


  1. From the Eyes of Mystery

  2. From the Holy Bible – The story of Creation

  3. From the Old Testament – The Tower to Heaven

  4. From the New Testament – The Baptism of Jesus Christ

  5. From Anthropology – The Tripartite Nature of Man

  6. From Mathematics – The concept of addition and multiplication

  7. From Chemistry – The Concept of Matter

  8. From Geography – The Concept of Time

  9. From Biology – The Concept of an Atom

  10. From Nature – The Structure of a Day


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