The Power of Gods Word over Malicious Seduction.

1st Sunday of Lent Reflection

Today's readings not only presents us with the well known temptation stories: of Jesus in the wilderness, the fall of Man (our first parents) and the introduction of Death as a penality for Sins; but it encourages us to place our Hope in God and in His Word.

The readings, shares light on the basic attributes the devils often use:

1) The Suggestion to do evil, as seen in the book of Genesis and in the Gospel of Matthew, shows the devil is never tired offering us suggestions (temptations) on our daily lives as a means to arriving faster to our desired goals. Which often comes as a question (s) Ex. _Is it true that God said...? (Gn. 3.1), If you are the Son of God...? (Matt. 4.1ff) he thrust first, the invitation to the things we desire most (Appellations) and then allow us to Decide.

2) The Decision to say No/Yes: Becomes our powerful moment of surrendering to/or rejecting his offer (s) which lies in our trust in God's grace. As seen in the responses of each part which furthers more relationship or disconnects us from the dialogue with the devil.

Today's readings brings us also to the same wilderness where Jesus was tempted for our salvation. It invites us to say No to the seductions of "Power (Authority), Hunger of Having (to have) and the Thrist of Appearance (to be seen)." It encourages us to pray, to listen to the Word and to have full trust in God, who never abandones us when in need.

Augustine C. Oparah


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