Jesus, the living water: Our true Happiness

3rd Sunday of Lent Reflection

As our Lenten journey continues, like the woman of Samaria let us give way for the Holy Spirit to enlighten and prepare us for the Paschal celebration to readily meet the Lord at Easter. Traditionally, the church sees today as Scrutiny Sunday – the day catechumens begin their examination as to be accepted to Baptism at Easter.  

Today, God not only expressed His desire, He also lived out without doubt his love to save humanity as the readings denote: It was about noon (4.6) Jesus been thirsty needed water but not the same water man searches for sustenance. Jesus was seeking the souls of the Samaritans and that of ours. But he needed a point of contact which we see in his encounter with the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s pool. The pool was not just a reservoir but rather, a community/life for the people. As humans, we need the grace of God at every moment of our life, the same way our bodies needs water to live: “…He who drinks of this, will be thirsty again”(4.13). so much more does our souls long for the true water. This invitation to the living water shows man’s happiness in his search for material good; when we entrust ourselves to God, we receive every “possible good” we need because the good, is God himself.  

The revelation of Himself to the Samaritan woman (4.14) the conversion of the Samaritans (4.39) shows witness to God’s thirst for souls to save them from their difficulties and it also testify to man’s happiness in finding Him. This beautiful encounter leaves us with many trace for our mission too; …Lord, give me that water (4.15) …Come and see the man that told me… could he be the  Messiah? (4.29) In the present crisis of the world today, Jesus is also opening up opportunities for encounter and an offer to return to the Father like the Samaritans led by the woman did. 

The predicament of this time is also a wonderful opportunity to lead others to the ‘Fountain of Life’ because many today are totally perplexed and are in wonder if the Lord has abandoned us or not (Ex. 17.7)?  as the daily fight with ‘COVID 19’ has seemed to yield no result. In many cities today many are in great trembling; the fear of the “name only” causes more death than the virus itself. And now, the essence of communal living: love, gestures of friendship and affection is growing cold daily because they are no longer expressed; worse still, we have became prisoners of war in the absence of war. 
Amidst the situations of this time, let us not lose faith because the Lord will in the end prove His greatness to us as He had done to the Israelites at Massah and Meribah (Ex. 17.7), rather let’s with songs of praise come before him to worship him; because in Him lies our true Happiness which stands as the “Living water”. This Living Water, is given only by the One who owns it; and that is no other person than God. He alone has the power to give water to those who place their trust in Him and follow Him ardently. In one accord like the woman of Samaria, Let’s ask the Lord for the water of Eternal life, so that we may not thirst again. And with a joyous voice say “...My Lord I understand, that you are the living water, you are my sun and you are the truth”. 

Augustine C. Oparah 


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